Legal Disclaimer

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1. The Minnesota Zoo reserves the right to refuse use of the auction system/service to anyone at any time for any reason or no reason at our sole discretion.

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4. The Minnesota Zoo reserves the right to omit, remove, or re-categorize, at any time, any listing at our sole discretion.

5. The Minnesota Zoo does not guarantee the receipt of e-mail associated with invoicing, bidding updates and winning bid notices by any user of the auction system.

6. The Minnesota Zoo strictly prohibits any inappropriate use of the system. However, the Minnesota Zoo cannot and does not guarantee that inappropriate use of the system will be prevented or noticed.

7. The Minnesota Zoo requires users to be of legal age in any and all jurisdiction that may apply to any transaction.

8. The Minnesota Zoo strictly prohibits users from sending unsolicited e-mail to other users (i.e no spamming.)

NOTE: Every reasonable effort has been made to describe the items accurately, but everything is being sold "where is" or "as is" without warranty or representation of any kind as to its correctness of description, authenticity, condition, or quality of fitness for any purpose.  It is understood that all items and services acquired by the buyers become the sole responsibility of the buyers.  The Minnesota Zoo, the Minnesota Zoo Foundation, the Beastly Ball Committee, and the sponsors will incur no liability.